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We are family, owned & operated; we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best quality product and service as we would to our own families.

  • Specialty menus can be created for your specific event, call us to create your menu today!
  • There will be a 6.25% meals tax added to the price of each menu item. Delivery charge of 20%. Prices are subject to change.
  • We require at least 24 hours notice to book an event.
  • Off-premise service is available at an extra charge.

Appetizers                                            HALF PAN      FULL PAN

Stuffed Mushrooms                                 28.50                   42.50

Shrimp Cocktail                                      64.00                   120.00

Mediterranean Platter                             38.99                    72.99

Chicken Wings (bone-in)                        38.00                     72.00

Fruit &Dip Platter                                            Mkt Price

Scallops with Bacon                                         Mkt Price


Salads/Soups                                    HALF PAN       FULL PAN

Caesar Salad                                            29.00                    52.00

Greek Salad                                              35.00                   52.00

Antipasto                                                  37.00                    55.00

Caprese Salad                                                   Mkt Price

Clam Chowder                                          32.00                   64.00

Chicken Egg Lemon                                  25.00                   50.00


Pasta Entrees                                     HALF PAN       FULL PAN

Stuffed Ravioli                                            60.00                    115.00

Ziti w/Marinara                                         36.00                     72.00

Lobster Mac & Cheese                              89.00                    170.00

Chicken & Ziti Primavera                         72.00                    144.00

Chicken Parmesan w/Ziti                        85.00                    160.00

Chicken Broccoli Ziti                                72.00                      144.00

Lasagna                                                       60.00                    115.00


Poultry, Seafood, and Beef                   HALF PAN       FULL PAN

Chicken Cordon Blue                                      52.00                  92.00

Chicken Marsala(no pasta)                               55.00                  95.00

Prime Rib (1/2 or full rib)                                        Mkt Price

Baked Haddock                                                        Mkt Price

Scallops Au Gratin                                                   Mkt Price

Veal Picatta                                                     60.00                  115.00

Steak Tips with Onions &                                   89.00                175.00


Sandwich Platters

Assorted coldcut sandwiches on wraps or French bread served with pickles and condiments of your choice.

$8.95 per person (10 person minimum)


Party Size Pizzas

Black & White Classic    32.59

Hamburg, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, ham, peppers, and onions

Red Hot Chicken              32.59

Blue cheese dressing, crispy buffalo chicken, red onions, and melted mozzarella

Tuscany                              29.99

Fresh mozzarella, sliced tomato, sausage, and fresh basil

Chicken Ranchero           30.99

Grilled chicken, bacon, ranch sauce, chopped tomato, red onion, and mozzarella cheese

Cheese                                19.95

Additional Toppings      4.50